Give Your Home a Major Tech Upgrade with 10 New Smart Gadgets

Whats a home without more tech!?

Add These 10 New Tech Gadgets to Your List

Here are the top tech & lifestyle gadgets to look at for your Home!

  1. Smart Body Analyzers (FitBit, Withings, InBody)
  2. Smart Kettles (iKettle, Sage)
  3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners (Neato, IRobot)
  4. Smart Plugs (Belkin)
  5. Wireless Lighting (Philips Hue,
  6. Shower Speaker Tiles (Kohler)
  7. Remote Controlled Door Locks (August Home)
  8. Smart Speakers (Amazon Echo, Google Home)
  9. Curved Smart TVs / Televisions (Samsung, LG)
  10. Self-Learning Home Automation (Canary, NestLabs)