How Do I Learn Augmented Reality Application Development?

Learn more about AR Development and Applications

Why would you want to learn more about augmented reality (AR) application development? It’s one of the fastest growing and coolest sectors in the tech industry. There are so many new uses and applications for the futuristic, interactive technology. Take a look at this recent video by MSNBC that describes the recent developments by mobile leader, Apple using AR tech.

Have You Tried Apple’s New AR Platform?

3 Places to Learn Augmented Reality Application Development

With everything being accessible online, there are a number of places to learn more about AR app development on the internet.

3 Top Companies in AR Application Development

Here are a few of the top companies who do great work in the the field of AR app development.  Getting additional info from any of these companies would be a great way to start training and learning more about augmented reality.

  • Contus specializes in “Hyper Converged App Development” and is has offices in Atlanta, California and India
  • Hedgehog Lab develops immersive applications for wearables, connected devices, AR, VR, IoT and connected vehicles.
  • Aurasma has an app development platform that includes a drag-and-drop studio which lets users easily create augmented reality experiences.

We hope these links are helpful & we look forward to the New AR Apps you will create!

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