Imagine the Chanel Barrel in Your New Home

Chanel Barrel Nightstand

A 55 gallon Chanel Barrel … hopefully filled with No. 5 Parfum. Originally created as a gift, its a perfect luxury addition to any bedroom, interior design project or modern home.

Chanel Steel Drum – Bedroom Barrel

This is a shot and pic that is good enough to be an advertising for the legendary luxury parfum manufacturer… in black and white.

Luxury Parfum - Chanel No 5

Popular in Chanel

Take a look at a popular face in Chanel. Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck’s wife, posed showing off her legs wearing a black long-sleeved Chanel dress, pleated skirt and polka dot bodice during the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Jennifer Garner in Chanel at Film Festival
Jennifer Garner in Chanel at Film Festival / © Getty Images

The brunette Alias actress also sported a ponytail and wore a minimal make-up look. She attended the film festival to support Steve Carrell, her costar in the movie: Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Jennifer Garner and Steve Carrell
Jennifer Garner and Steve Carrell / © Getty Images

Chanel in Your Home?

How would you use the Chanel Barrel in your home?

Chanel Barrel in Room
Chanel Drum, Placed in Room
Chanel Drum
Chanel Nightstand

Chanel Barrel - Steel Drum

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