Snapchat Stories are Going Public for Everyone To See

Are you ready for the big change?

In recent stories by Ad Age & Cheddar, it has been reported that social media giant Snapchat is planning on making “Snapchat Stories” available for viewing by the general public.

Snap wants to get more viewers by letting people post Story videos outside the app. The new feature, dubbed “Stories Everywhere”, will allow Snap Stories to be shared on social media & websites.

Normally your Snap Stories & Videos only stay viewable on the app for a maximum of 24-hours period. But Now.. celeb stories & event stories would be available for people outside Snapchat to see. Multiple people can contribute to the same event story.


Twitter made a similar move in 2011, when it made Tweets embeddable on websites. The move comes as a way to compete with Instagram who recently surged to 800 MILLION+ users.


Is Snapchat going the way of Instagram?

Do you like the new move by Snap? What do you think?

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