What If You Could Talk to Your Future Self? Game Play Reaction Videos

If You Had the Chance to Talk To Your Self in the Future….

Talk to Your Future Self In 20 Years

How is this possible? Can You talk to your future self in 20 years? What would you ask yourself? What would you look like? Well.. it is possible… thanks to the selfie virtual reality simulation called FutureSelf by Orange.

How to Play Future Self Game Online

It’s pretty easy to get started playing Future Self Online. Just visit futureself.orange.com from your desktop or laptop computer, and you will see a screen like this.


Upload your pic or use your webcam to analyze your face….and You’re In!

Top Game Play / Future Self Reaction Videos

How would you react to meeting your future self online for the first time? Here are a few of the top reaction and game play videos from our favorite youtubers:

Emma Blackery Plays Future Self

iHasCupquake Talks To Herself

Reaction Time Plays The Game

KILL IT WITH FIRE! Immediately

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